About Us


We design and forge beautiful, functional and long-lasting cookware for a range of tastes and styles. We offer everything from non-stick frying pans, woks, casseroles for stovetop and oven, grill pans and tagines to accessories such as oven mitts and pot rests.


While it’s a daily necessity, with the right ingredients, cooking becomes a daily pleasure. It’s a way to enjoy your hearth and home, to invite in zest and flavour, and to celebrate life and joy with friends. We’re here to kit you out with your every cook-ware need, and we believe in practicality, quality materials, style and ease of use. With the best quality and most practical and durable combinations of high-tech ceramics, heavy duty cast iron and light-and-easy aluminum inners, we aim to please. Choose enamel-coated aluminum for lightweight, easy-to use cookware that heats quickly but is a cinch to flip crêpes or carry to the tabletop. For heavy duty cooking, opt for cast iron, known for its durability and superior heat retention.


Why we are here



At Amercook, we’re passionate about cooking and kitchenware. Our design and operational headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia, while we go all over the world to find inspiration and source products. Plus, we're so crazy about design, we’ve crafted a range for every type of cook and every kitchen.


Our story


"With Amercook, every cook is a chef."

Stroll through the market or fling open the pantry doors. Inhale the scent of fresh basil, sun-ripened tomatoes, ginger or garlic, lemongrass or turmeric, cinnamon or cloves. What will it be tonight? Delight in your senses, indulge in your kitchen, revel in your Amercook.