Amercook Brand Guideline

This brand guideline is a work-in-progress of the culture and personality of the Amercook brand and the people who work hard on it.


Our vision, goals, and values. Everything there is to know about us.
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How we think of the world, what we value, and what we do to make things happen.
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Our design and what lies behind it. Everything you wanted to know about what looks how and why.
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Defining colors of Bullet Keeper and the meaning behind them.
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The correct and incorrect ways of using our logo that all of our partners should know.
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Amercook believes that everybody has the potential to cook delicious meals. It is a lie when they say someone cannot cook. Everybody can buy ingredients and follow recipes. What you need is good tools and a huge heart to put in as the secret ingredient.


Amercook aims for making everybody love cooking and baking. We provide the easiest-to-use tools in order for the cooking experience to be as smooth as possible. Our goals are to bring healthy dishes and thus a happy lifestyle into everybody’s home.


Amercook values health and simplicity. We created our products with the thought of easy usage so that cooking would not be any more pain than it already is with all the preparation and dirty dishes. With our easy-to-clean and easy-to-use products, everybody will fall in love with cooking which will result in healthier dishes and a healthier not only body but mind.


Amercook is friendly and helpful. We aim to keep in touch with our customers as much as possible. We try to be reachable and help where we can while constantly listening to what our customers have to say so that we can improve our products based on their constructive feedback.


Amercook is diverse. We offer multiple cookware sets in order to fit everybody’s not only cooking preference but that of style. We made sure that everybody finds the tools that are most suitable for them and their kitchen, that is why no two Amercook kitchen sets are the same. They all have different styles, colors, and purposes. Just like the human population, we are diverse too.


The color palette of Amercook consists of gold, grey, and light pink. The main color that we use for menu bars, titles, sub-titles, and buttons is gold. The secondary color is grey, and the complementary color is light pink.